Sights of the 1st District and Time Travel

On the sunny morning of 3rd October our class met Prof. Fenlon and Prof. Kornsteiner at the University of Vienna to explore the sights of the first district which we had learned about in our English lessons.

Our classmate held the first presentation before moving on to the City Hall and the “Volksgarten”” in which the Theseus Temple can be found.  At the Heroes Square we talked about the two horse statues and we had a peek inside the National Library. Then it was time to admire the Imperial Palace with the Roman ruins and to see the “Stallburg” where the well-trained, beautiful Lipizzaner horses are. Our next stop was the “Kohlmarkt”, where we learned that the café “Demél” used to send pastries to the Imperial Palace. Furthermore, we learned about Julius Meinl and the “Plague Column” before experiencing a time travel.

At “Time Travel” we very much enjoyed a magical journey through history starting with a 5D cinema show, learning about the family tree of the imperial family and experiencing a bomb attack in an air raid shelter where we listened to Schuschnigg`s radio speech in which he begged God to save Austria. The “Plague Pit” was our next stop and we were surprised to hear that the famous street musician Augustin escaped the pit by singing a song. What`s more, we saw a musical battle between Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss and had a VR-experience in which Falco and Mozart met. To finish our tour we took a Fiacre ride to take us back to the present. 

(Written by Yusuf Akaydin, organisers: Prof. Fenlon and Prof. Kornsteiner)